Chapter 12.3Mature

But here she was, sat in Social. She was missing the first half of her double Latin lesson, which she wasn’t too impressed about. She could be translating now, but no, here she was, pretending to participate in some sort of group game. Instead she was just doodling in her notebook. At first she’d just been drawing random lines, swirls, shapes but now she looked at it and realised she’d been drawing a bird. And a person. With wings. Beth was frozen in her place.

Jack was sat beside her and tried to peer at her drawing. This made Beth jerk into motion, pulling the notebook up to her chest and wrapping her arms around it. Catalin was sat opposite her, watching her curiously, and Alex was in another group somewhere. There was a younger girl, in Jack’s year, called Macy in Beth’s group. The four of them were supposed to be doing maths.

Something large and black rushed into the corner of Beth’s vision and landed between her and Jack. Beth’s heart automatically began to race with excitement.

Beside her was a large raven with something in its beak. Its sleek feathers and black eyes were so familiar, as was the look in its eye as it watched her intently. After about thirty seconds of utter silence within the group, all of them staring at the bird, it put the thing into Beth’s palm. The feathers brushed against her skin, giving her the tingle she always got when she touched Robert.

The raven shared a look with Catalin before practically throwing itself into the air and flying away.

Beth’s hands shook with excitement as they unfurled the scrunched up note. Jack, Catalin and Macy were all staring at her with different expressions. Catalin’s, relief; Jack’s, amazement; Macy’s, fear.

Glad to see you’re okay, tigrotto.

Her hands began to shake even more as she realised Robert was back, or coming to say his final goodbyes—something he’d forgotten last time. Beth prayed it was the first one. She pushed the note into her pocket, suppressing her grin and hysteric laughter.

She realised Jack and Macy were still staring at her so she just shrugged. They seemed to accept it for the moment. Catalin raised an eyebrow questioningly. Beth nodded and both girls smiled, though Beth’s was more enthusiastic.

As Beth felt the note in her pocket, she got more and more excited. As Social ended and Beth made her way to Latin, her hands couldn’t stop shaking, to the point where Catalin had to write for her. She could hardly concentrate on anything her teacher said throughout the whole lesson. When the lesson was over, Beth had hardly done any work at all.

She and Catalin made their way to English, the final lesson of the day, where they would meet Alex who wasn’t in their Latin class. According to Catalin, Alex hadn’t noticed the raven, and was wondering why Beth was so elated.

The End

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