Chapter 12.1Mature

“I see your problem,” Daniel said. “Can I ask exactly how this happened? The last time I saw you, you were a cold-hearted, evil bastard. No offence.”

“None taken,” Robert said, smiling slightly. “I don’t know how it happened. I’d been watching the three of them – Alejandro, Catalin and Beth. I’d never spoken to her, but she came looking for me, alone, at night. She trusted me from that first moment. That’s never happened before. There aren’t many who even know who I am but she doesn’t care that I’ve killed people.”

“Lots of people,” Daniel corrected.

“Well, yes. But, tonight, she kissed me, despite her relationship with my brother. And when she offered me her blood, I told her no, but she begged me and I gave in to her. My will just... crumbled. So I began to drink, but I backed out. Because I was too scared that I would kill her.”

“That’s definitely new.”

“It most certainly is.”

Daniel stood up and walked over to the small kitchenette. Robert could smell the familiar scent of herbs. Lemon balm, chamomile and linden flowers; Daniel was making tea. After a few minutes, Daniel returned and handed Robert one of the mugs. He didn’t need to eat or drink anything other than blood, but the tea Daniel made was made of herbs that were supposed to relax you. And Robert certainly needed relaxing right now.

The two of them drank the tea in silence, Daniel studying Robert’s face in the darkness that both of them could see through. Then Daniel stood and wandered to the curtains, pushing them open. The mixture of the tea and the familiar sight of his friend’s odd outline against the moonlight managed to relax Robert.

Daniel’s white hair was the complete contrast of Robert’s but their eyes were of similar shades, that near-black dark brown. Daniel was shirtless, wearing only jeans, as usual. The one major difference between the two men was: Daniel had wings.

Daniel turned around. “So, other than this new love, what’s been going on?”

“Well, the town seems to be being stalked by some unknown being that wants to steal the power of two hundred dead witches. What about you?”



Beth sighed for the third time in as many minutes. It had been nearly a whole day since her kiss with Robert, and he still hadn’t returned from wherever he’d gone. Was he ever going to come back? Or had he run off for good? She didn’t know.

Alex had called their school that morning and said that she was ill and wouldn’t be coming in for the next few days. The secretary had thought he was her father so took it as true without another word. Alex had planned to stay home with her, and let Catalin go to school alone but Beth had told him to go, that she would be okay, that Robert would be back before the two of them got home. Neither of those statements was true.

The End

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