Chapter 11.2Mature

In one swift, smooth movement, Robert made a small cut in the skin of his neck. Beth pulled her legs underneath her and leaned forward. Beth placed her lips over the cut and as the blood flowed onto her tongue, she wanted to pull away but forced herself to remain still. This would help her; this would save her when nothing else would. She began to suck.

After a while, she heard her name come from Robert’s lips. His voice sounded tight, as if he were in pain, or... Beth noticed a slight edge in his voice, one that gave away his emotions, even if she couldn’t see his face. His voice was tight because of pleasure. At this realisation, Beth pulled away from his neck. The small cut closed itself instantaneously, not even leaving a scar.

Robert rubbed a bit of his blood away from around her mouth with his thumb. Beth blushed, embarrassed by how close their faces were and by her overwhelming urge to kiss him. She wanted to kiss him so desperately, to feel his lips on hers, to feel the tingle of her own lips after they pulled away.

So she did.

That was exactly what she did; she pressed her lips against his. She thought he was going to break the tender moment and remind her of vampires’ ideas about romance, that it didn’t matter. But he surprised her by returning the kiss. She could feel the fierceness Robert retained inside of him. Beth’s arms snaked around Robert’s neck.

He slid his long nails up and down her spine, making her shiver. Robert began gently sucking on her bottom lip as they kissed. Beth knew immediately she was in the arms of a man who was far more experienced than she was with regards to pleasure and indulgence. Before Beth could think about it too much, Robert began tracing the edges of her tongue with his own.

Beth started to tremble and shivered again. She moaned with the mounting pleasure. She had never known anyone to kiss her like this, with such passion, with such fierceness. Beth could still feel Robert holding back on her, as if there was some sort of panther inside him that was all chained up and trying to tear out of its bonds.

Robert’s hands on her back were the only things that stopped Beth from turning to jelly and collapsing. But then their kiss was over, far too soon. Beth was trying to regain her ability to form words as she realised it was her who was pulling away, her who was tipping her head back.

“No, Beth,” Robert moaned breathlessly. “Don’t.”

Beth looked up at him. She could tell it was what he wanted. Not what he needed, what he wanted, out of pure desire and passion.

“Please,” she begged him. “Please Robert.”

His hand slipped under her neck and Beth felt Robert’s lips brush her neck.

“Oh, mio tigrotto,” he murmured.

Then his teeth sank into her neck. Beth moaned as the waves of pleasure started, from that point in her neck. ‘Tigrotto’... she’d heard that word before, somewhere. She remembered looking it up. It meant... Her mind was being rubbed clean by the pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her completely. That word, it meant ‘little tiger’. He’d called her his little tiger.

The End

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