Chapter 10.3Mature

“Could that make me a vampire?” Beth asked quietly.


“Don’t lie to her,” Alex said.

“I’m not lying because she won’t die,” Robert said with a glare in Alex’s direction.

“Stop arguing, please,” Beth said quietly.

She dropped her head into her hands, massaging her temples to try and ease a headache that was coming on.

“You need to go to sleep, Beth. It might help,” Robert said quietly.

Beth nodded.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” Alex asked.

“If you’ll carry me,” she murmured, feeling tired and fatigued.

Alex carried her up the stairs and placed her gently onto one of the spare beds. He put her bag down on the writing desk and sat on the bed, holding her hand.

“Why are you so against it?” Beth asked with a croaky voice.

Alex knew what she was talking about. “It’s dangerous.”



“It’s not,” Robert said from the door. “It’s more dangerous for the vampire.”

“What do you mean?” Beth asked.

“The enzymes in human saliva can break down vampire blood vessels and cells.”


Robert nodded. Beth turned to Alex and glanced between them a few times before sighing and pulling the duvet over her head. She heard Alex leave and the door shut. She was asleep within minutes.



Catalin was lying on the floor with her laptop in front of her. Robert had her researching the Salem witches on the internet but there wasn’t anything; it was all about the trials. Alex was reading through a massive book and looked rather bored. Beth was still asleep upstairs and Robert himself hadn’t told anyone where he was going, just that he was going out.

“Have you found anything?” Catalin asked Alex.

“Not really. Nothing that sounds authentic at least. You?” he asked.

“Nothing whatsoever. This is useless. What are we even looking for?”

“How should I know?”

Catalin sighed. “If I knew what to look for, I could change what I’m searching for.”

Robert walked into the room at that moment. “You can stop looking now, I’ve found it,” he said.

“What exactly have you found?” Catalin asked, not looking up from the screen.

“More information about the 1693 witch trials and a list of the current Salem witches in England, along with some other things. You’ll never guess who’s on this list,” Robert said, looking down at it.

“Who?” Alex asked curiously.

“Beth Stuart – which we already knew – and Henry Stuart,” Robert read out.

“Her dad?” Catalin exclaimed.

“It would seem so. As well as several other people of the same surname.” Robert handed Alex the sheets of paper.

“Jack’s on here too,” Alex said, surprised.

“Jack?” Robert asked.

“Beth’s fourteen year old brother.” Alex turned to Catalin, who seemed to be in a similar state of shock. “Do you think he knows about it?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know Jack that well. All I really know about him is what Beth’s told me, and what little I’ve found out in school.”

The End

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