Chapter 8.2Mature

Beth looked around the room. Robert was definitely gone. She dropped onto the mattress and turned the note over and over in her fingers. There was a knock at her door. Beth automatically said, “Come in.”

Jack opened the door.

“You okay?” he asked.


“What’s that you’ve got there?”

“Oh, nothing,” she said, slipping it under her pillow.

“What was going on between you and Catalin earlier? Are you two okay now?”

“I don’t know, probably. You know what girls are like with their arguments.”

“As long as you’re okay. I’m here to talk if you need to, though I can imagine you’d rather talk to Mum.”

Beth laughed. “Thank you, Jack.”

Jack closed the door and headed back to his own room. Beth heard his door shut. She turned the lamp on, the one that sat on her bedside table. Then she turned the main light off and crawled under the covers of her bed.

Pulling the small slip of paper out, Beth held it to her chest and wondered why he’d left. The previous night, when he’d brought her home from the woods, he’d told her not to invite him in. Then Beth thought about the words on the note. ‘Don’t tempt me’. What was she tempting him with? Her blood? But he’d had blood this morning, from that homeless person he’d killed. Beth was shocked by how relaxed she was about that.

“‘Don’t tempt me’...” she whispered, thinking.

Then Beth had an idea. But surely that was wrong... He’d told her himself about vampires’ opinions with regards to romance. ‘To a vampire, a kiss, an embrace, is simply a means to get what they need’. That’s what he’d said. But what about Alex? He’d kissed her; he’d embraced her, all long before she knew what he was.

Beth sighed and prepared never to unravel the mystery that was Robert. She slid the note underneath her pillow again, turned off the lamp and tried to get to sleep.



“There’s supposed to be something terrible going on, and all you two can think to do is argue,” Alex whispered, knowing Catalin would hear him. “And you won’t even tell me what you’re arguing about.”

“It’s got nothing to do with you, so why should I tell you?” Catalin questioned.

Alex sighed exasperatedly. “I give up.”


Catalin stood up abruptly and stormed out of the room and up the stairs. Alex sat down on the sofa.

What was this big, bad, awful thing that was happening, according to Robert? He hadn’t really given him much information about it. Alex decided he needed more of an idea so he sent out a wave of power, looking for Robert. Alex sent a few more, like echolocation, before feeling content that Robert had felt it.

And Alex was right. Within a minute, a large raven landed outside of the French doors, on the patio. It tipped its head to the side and looked at Alex. Alex stood up and opened the door. The raven hopped inside, changing into Robert as it did so.

The End

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