Chapter 7.2Mature

The front door opened and Alex came in. He smiled when he saw Beth.

“Hi,” he said as he came in.

“Hi,” Beth and Catalin said simultaneously.

“That fair’s coming into town tonight. Are we going?” Alex asked.

“We could do,” Catalin said.

“Beth? Do you want to go?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she nodded.

“Okay.” Alex didn’t believe her.



It was around eight o’clock in the evening as Alex, Catalin and Beth were walking around the fair. Beth was trying to hide the fact she was looking for Robert. She didn’t really expect him to come though.

Beth smiled at all her friends as they walked past. It seemed that everyone she knew was here. She waved at her brother, Jack, with all his friends.

Out of the corner of her eye, Beth saw a man doing fire breathing and all sorts of impossible things. She pointed it out to Catalin, who nodded appreciatively.

“Robert’s here,” Catalin whispered in Beth’s ear, so quietly that Alex couldn’t hear it, or paid no attention to it.

Beth looked at her friend and suddenly felt excited. Alex glanced over. He must have felt the surge of emotions in her thoughts. Beth blushed unnecessarily. Why did she feel this way about a man who she’d just met, who she knew was dangerous and who she knew had killed people? Was it because she’d been specifically told to stay away from him?

Beth looked at Catalin again. Catalin nodded in a certain direction. Beth followed with her eyes, and saw Robert. He was joking around and laughing with the man who had been doing the fire breathing. Robert looked up and met her eyes. He smiled at her and turned back to the man beside him.

Upon closer inspection, the fire breather wore a gold bracelet just like Alex and Catalin. Then she realised that she hadn’t seen a bracelet on Robert’s wrists.

Alex and Beth went on a few of the rides while Catalin stood and took pictures; she didn’t really like high speeds. After a little while, Alex finally managed to convince his sister to go on something with him. Beth was feeling a bit sick and didn’t want to risk going on another one.

Beth left the two siblings and went to get a drink. She sat on a bench, sipping the lemonade through the straw.

“All alone, are we?” Robert asked beside her.

“Alex has dragged Catalin on one of the rides. Who was that you were talking to earlier?” Beth inquired.

“Just an old friend.”

Beth laughed and then felt her face flush as she noticed the expression on Robert’s face. He wasn’t too bothered that she’d laughed at him; he just wanted to know what the joke was.

“What?” Robert asked, smiling.

“I didn’t really imagine you with friends,” Beth murmured.

“Why? Because I’m more of the wandering psychopath?”

“Would you be offended if I said ‘yes’?” Beth asked, looking up at him through her lashes.

Robert laughed. “I was once the life and soul of any party, I’ll have you know. Not anymore, of course.”

The End

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