Chapter 6.4Mature

Beth walked up to her front door and opened it, leaving Robert in a state of shock. Before she went in, she looked back at Robert. He gave her a small bow and she stepped into the house, shutting the door behind her. She heard a rustle of wings and Robert was gone.

Tiptoeing up the stairs, Beth opened the door to her brother’s room, only by an inch or so. Jack was sleeping soundly in his bed. The fourteen year old had his whole duvet on top of him. Beth smiled and shut the door.

She dropped onto her own bed and let out another yawn. And then, she was asleep.



Robert smiled to himself as the morning sun rose. He turned his gold ring around his finger, looking down at it. This was the only thing that protected him from sunlight. He pitied the vampires that didn’t have such talismans.

He thought about the previous evening. Or early morning, rather. Beth had come looking for him. For him. He had been originally curious as to why the human girl had come looking for him. She herself hadn’t been sure why she had gone into the woods, especially at night. That much had been obvious.

Robert was positive that his little brother had said something, possibly about how dangerous he was. He had probably said that Robert was impulsive, or words to that effect.

Robert could feel, in his mind, Catalin waking up. It was as if half of his mind slept when she did. He tucked his evening with Beth away, somewhere not even Catalin would be able to find it.

He jumped down from the tree he was sat in and started towards the edge of the forest. When he reached the side of the road, his motorbike was still there. He needed to feed, and when he fed, he nearly always killed. He didn’t want to anger his brother, or upset Catalin, or even Beth. He needed to get far away from the town before he could stop.

He was speeding away at speeds that would cause accidents among most humans. Being so close to Beth last night really hadn’t helped him with his hunger. If she had invited him in... She would probably be in hospital, or worse. No. He didn’t need, or want, to picture Beth’s death. When Robert imagined things, they tended to happen at some point. He didn’t even want to think about what his brother would do to him if he killed Beth, even accidentally.

The End

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