Chapter 5.3Mature

Alex quickly did his seatbelt and turned the key. After sending a quick telepathic message to Catalin through their blood link and receiving a string of swear words in a multitude of different languages, Alex pulled out of the car park and headed home.

They’d only just shut the front door when Beth threw her arms around Alex’s neck and kissed him. Alex picked her up and ran up the stairs at vampire speed. All of a sudden they were in his room. Alex set Beth on her feet in front of him. She pushed him backwards onto the bed and knelt over him. Beth tugged at Alex’s top before pulling it over his head and ran her fingers over his skin. This was exactly what Alex wanted. Beth wasn’t in danger while all they did was kiss, not really. There was still the possibility of something happening though, and that thought loomed over Alex's head.

Alex rolled over – so he was knelt over Beth – in a movement so fast she had hardly any time to register it. His hands slipped under her t-shirt and electricity sparked in his fingers as he touched the skin of her stomach. Beth was getting impatient so pulled her own t-shirt off. She kissed Alex with such a passion that Alex felt his teeth sharpen and lengthen.

Beth broke the kiss and tilted her head back. Alex made no hesitation as he plunged his fangs into her neck. Beth’s sharp gasp was the only sound in the room. Where their bare skin touched, fireworks exploded. Beth moaned with the pleasure that Alex knew was coursing through her. He felt the same way that she did. Beth’s breathing sped up; faster and faster as the pleasure became more intense.

“As fun as this is to watch...” said Robert from somewhere in the room.

Alex sat up quickly and Beth automatically grabbed her t-shirt to hold to her front.

“What do you want, Robert?” Alex asked sharply.

“Well, I thought you’d be interested to know that you have a visitor at the door.”

“Who is it?” Alex asked.

I don’t know him, do I?” Robert said then left the room.

“As much as I’d love to stay here with you, I should probably go and see who it is,” Alex whispered to Beth.

Beth groaned but smiled anyway. A short kiss later, Alex was leaving the room, pulling his top back on. Walking quickly down the stairs, Alex opened the front door to see Mr Ashfield.

“Mr Ashfield, what a surprise. How can I help you?” Alex asked.

“I was just bringing the work you missed the other day from our lesson. Shall I come in and explain it to you?” Mr Ashfield said.

“Yes, of course.” Alex knew he didn’t need to have it explained to him but there were other reasons for the Maths teacher to come.

Alex started to lead the way into the living room but a sudden thump came from behind. Robert had the teacher up against the wall by his neck. His feet hung about ten inches above the floor and it was obvious he couldn’t breathe.

The End

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