Chapter 4.3Mature

“Well, Robert became a vampire at the hands of the local vampire menace. He was out walking and he was attacked. Robert saw his chance for revenge on Catalin and me, even though we didn’t do anything. He got to Catalin first, and sent her after me. The last thing I saw before I died was my own sister kneeling above me, her teeth at my throat. She almost killed me too quickly; I almost didn’t make the change. Now, enough talking.”

Alex pressed his lips onto Beth’s and cupped her face in his hands. Beth pushed the straps of her top and bra down her arm again. Alex just pulled them back up again. Beth pulled away, sulking at him.

Alex smiled. “No. No more tonight. If I take any more, you’ll end up going to the hospital.”

Beth was pouting. Alex’s smile grew. He kissed her again, which cheered her up. Beth pulled Alex’s arms around her waist and lay back, as she had when he’d been drinking from her earlier. Then suddenly, Alex was gone and then the door opened.

“Beth, what are you doing, lying on the bed like that?” asked her mother with an armful of freshly washed clothes.

“Just... lying, thinking,” she said quickly, looking at her mother upside down.

Beth sat up and took the pile of clothes from her mother. Standing, she went to the chest of drawers and started putting the clothes away. A pair of arms snaked around her waist and a chin rested on her shoulder.

“That was close,” Alex whispered in her ear from behind.

“It was,” Beth murmured, setting the pile of clothes on top of the chest of drawers.

She turned around in the circle of Alex’s arms. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. The handles at her back dug into her spine but she didn't care.

“I need to go now,” Alex muttered against her lips.

Beth groaned as Alex turned to leave. Only then, she noticed the window was open, and had been since her mum had walked in. Alex was perched on the window ledge and he wasn’t holding onto anything. Beth had always noticed that he had an impeccable sense of balance but never thought anything more of it.

He smiled at her and dropped from the second-storey window, blending into the night as if that was where he belonged. Beth watched him as he walked away into the night, but it wasn’t long until he was completely invisible in the darkness.

Beth sighed and closed the sash window, pulling the curtains closed. She practically floated over to her bed and dropped onto it. After crawling under the covers, Beth fell asleep almost instantly to dreams of night creatures and their powers.



Alex was sat in his car, not far from Beth’s house, just thinking. It had been almost two centuries since he’d told someone about real vampires – the ones that existed in the real world, instead of the ones that lived solely in fairy tales. That person had been his mother. He stopped, catching himself. No, he wouldn’t think about her. Thinking about her opened up a whole road of memories that were best forgotten.

Alex sighed to himself and started the car. The engine rumbled to life, ready to go. There was a sudden breeze that lasted only for a moment, less than a second.

The End

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