Chapter 1.1Mature

Beth's boyfriend, and his sister, have a secret. When their older half-brother turns up out of the blue, they have to share that secret. But when Beth finds herself right in the middle of a world she never knew existed, what's she going to do?

Alex walked out of school at the end of the day with two girls beside him; one his sister, Catalin, and the other his girlfriend of eight months, Beth. He wasn’t listening to the girls’ conversation; something about maybe going out next week or something.

Walking through the car park, the three of them were heading towards his car – a plain and simple Ford. Alex froze at what he saw at the exit of the car park: a man sat on a motorbike. The man’s black hair contrasted greatly with his white skin, and matched his black eyes – which Alex knew, when more closely inspected, would be a dark brown instead. The thin man wore a leather jacket over his black short-sleeved tee. His black jeans were torn around the hems and at the knees.

People were staring at Alex as he stood there, not moving. It took a few seconds for Catalin and Beth to realise he had stopped, but when they did, they both turned to look at him. Alex and Cat shared a glance and she followed his gaze, also seeing the black-clad person. She, too, froze.

The man smiled cruelly, his eyes hidden by dark sunglasses. He looked up at the dismal sky, before looking back at Alex and Cat, completely ignoring Beth, which Alex was grateful for. As the man spun away on his motorbike, it started to snow – on the first day of April.

As the soft flakes fell, Alex and Catalin were released from their trance-like state. Alex continued walking as if nothing had happened. An undisturbed hush fell over the trio. Beth looked over her friends worriedly, her Friday glee obviously dashed.

Alex could see her watching him as he automatically pulled out his keys, unlocked the car door and got in. He glanced at his sister in the rear view mirror and a look of worry and confusion passed between the two siblings.

“Are you coming home with us?” he asked Beth in a quiet tone.

“If that’s okay,” she responded quietly, not wanting to break the silence.

Alex nodded, more out of politeness than anything else. Pulling out of the school car park, he turned on the wipers to get rid of the snow that was coming down heavily now. Every so often, in an attempt to forget the earlier incident, Alex would glance at Beth’s face, just to think about how truly beautiful she was, and how much he loved her. He’d already memorised her face, but he still liked to just look. Her white-blonde hair fell halfway down her back in waves and her dark blue eyes glittered, even in the dim light of the snowy sky. Her slightly tanned skin was a result of two weeks in Cyprus with her family a month previously. Her skinny fingers twisted around each other repeatedly.

The End

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