Black Rose

Uhm...I wrote this story for the molecules competition and it kinda scares me. Rose Dilbert wants to create a balance between her twin sister's world and her own. The measures she takes to become famous are...sickening yet artistic.
Hopefully a captivating short story

'If my words mean nothing to you,

Then let my silence sing a soothing melody’






May 7 2015


"In tragedy there is beauty, in love there is pain for light cannot exist without darkness.

You do not know who I am but soon you will for I am the girl at the back of the class, last to get picked for dodge ball, the non-entity you pass by in the school hallways and in Walmart. For too long I have conformed and followed the rules trying to shine as bright as everyone around me... but now I know what I must do. I shall become darkness so that Emily will shine.

I am pain and I am death, I am the black Rose for if I cannot be known for being a light then let the world celebrate me for being the darkness."




Martha and Carl Dilbert were overjoyed when their twin daughters were born. The girls looked completely identical but had different characters. Emily was a peoples person, she spoke her mind and found favor in all those around her. Rose was quiet and kept to herself, writing poems and making painting that no one took notice of because of their somewhat dark nature. It was only later when the girls started high-school when  Rose wanted to be a part of society but one might say it was a little too late.


Emily grew up to be athletic and beautiful in every possible way. Rose on the other hand had found comfort in food and never got any attention. Her Sister let her run for vice in her school presidency campaign out of pity and this cost her the title. No one wanted old Rose as vice president.




It was then Rose realized that it was wrong of her to pull her sister back, she had to find her own way and be independent.



MAY 8 2015, 0715 hrs.

The first body the police found belonged to Edward Cotton, the Lakebean High quarterback. His body was found near the docks with his throat slit with precision. There was a rose carved artistically on the victim's chest. One might have called it beautiful, along with the cursive inscription under it that read "To himself every man is Immortal..."


There was no evidence, no leads and no witnesses. The killer had come and gone like a shadow in the night




MAY 16 2015, 0423 hrs.


This time the police came close to apprehending the killer. Casey Adams was the school cheerleading captain and the schools most famous individual before Emily. Her parents had gone away on holiday leaving her alone at home. A neighbour called the police when she heard sounds of a struggle at around 0400 hrs. They arrived to find Casey in the living room tied up with long rope to beams with pompoms in her hands and her throat slit. She had the same rose and an inscription that read "The idea is to die young as late as possible." They looked around for clues but there were none.




MAY 30 2015, 2110 hrs.


The whole town had lived in fear for the past couple of weeks and the police where on high alert expecting another high school kid would die on May 24 but nothing happened. When days passed without any incident everyone assumed the dander had passed, that the killer had stopped. They were wrong. This time the killer had gone too far, murdering Mayor McIntyre's wife when she had gone out for late night groceries. Nancy McIntyre was the sweetest person the town had ever known, donating to charity and helping even strangers of every sort. The inscription under the rose read," Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers

And death as beautiful as autumn leaves."




May 31 2015, 1002 hrs.


Emily noticed that her sister had been spending very long hours in the attic. At first she suspected it was because she was afraid of the serial killer on the prowl but she was not sure anymore. She had last seen her the previous night before going to bed. Rose hugged her and whispered into her ear, "Forgive me sister but the light cannot exist without the darkness. Shine Emily...shine."


Emily walked up the stairs to the attic and turned the knob gently. It still cause a loud creak so she just swung it open. She turned around almost instinctively to find her sister seated on a dusty couch with her throat slit and a knife in her hands. In her hand she held a black rose and a note. She did not cry out or run, she pulled the note gently from her twin sister's fingers. It read, "If my words mean nothing to you, then let my silence sing a soothing melody. Tell my story.”


The End

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