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Chapter 2

     Roxanne and Terry aren't my real parents. They are the leaders of the Vampire Hunters. They picked me up when they ran across me in an orphanage. Roxanne told me that i had an aura that would be perfect for this life.

     As for my parents, I never knew them. They told Roxanne that my mom died giving birth to me, they could never find my father. They just assumed he was dead too.

     So now we travel everywhere, hunting vamps and looking normal to humans. To do that, Jace and I have to go to school. Not that we stay there long enough to learn anything. But it gives us the edge because alot of vamps are teenagers.

     That's what we're doing now. After that last raid on that town, we moved to a slightly larger city, and Roxanne and Terry rented a two story house. Jace and I were sent to the largest school in the city," more vamps to find," Roxanne said optimistically.

     I personally like the larger schools because you could blend in easier. In the small schools, everybody wanted to know about you. And then came the lies. Jace and I have done it so many times, making up stories, that we almost believe it ourselves. In larger schools though, you're just another person. It wasn't like I was going to get to know that anyway.

     Anyway. The house was great. It had tall, thick hedges on both sidesof the house. Perfect for blocking nosey neighbours.

     As if to confirm my thoughts, there was a knock at the door. I was busy putting away some of my clothes, and Roxanne had just walked by my room. When she heard the knock, she gave me an not so surprised look, followed by exasperstion in her chocolate brown eyes.I just shrugged.

     I followed Roxanne down the stairs, and through the hall and kitchen to the back step. When she opened the door, there stood the typical look of the town gossip. She was short, with perfect housewives blonde hair, and a bit plump from having a couple of kids. Over her flowered dress, she wore an apron, and in her outstretched hands was a chocolate cake. The darting look of her eyes that greedily looked around the house to get any information she could told me exactly who she was.

     "Hello, may I help you?" Roxanne greeted her carefully polite voice. When you lead a life where you have to be very careful of what information you give out, you had to be expert at handling a woman like this.

     "Oh hello," the woman said in a voice that was much too sweet," I saw you move in yesterday and I thought I'd welcome you to the neighbourhood," as she said this, she held up the cake.

     Roxanne took the cake and saw that the woman wanted to be invited in so that she could snoop around," well, thank you very much Miss..."

     "Oh, just call me Beth."

     "Beth, I'd love to welcome you in, but we have alot of moving in to do. But I will save the cake for when we get settled in and I will invite you over for cake and coffee."

     "Oh... okay," Beth looked a little put off, but she still walked back across the street. Roxanne closed the door, locked it, and looked at me," we're going to have to hide those weapons more quickly. These neighbours are getting faster every time."

     "You know that there'll be more of them."

     "Sure, but there will be some that are actually wanting to welcome us in, not try to get dirt on us. Those are the ones that I'll let in."

     I nodded as I listened to Roxanne. It was better that you didn't argue with her. You'd loose anyway.

     When you looked at Jace, Terry, Roxanne and I, you couldn't tell that I wasn't related to them. Jace, of course, was. Terry and Roxanne were married, and Jace was there son. Terry had salt and pepper hair and shocking blue eyes. Jace was a spitting image of Terry in his younger days, so Roxanne says. He had short cropped, blonde hair, sort of like River Pheonix's hair in Stand By Me, and the same blue eyes as his dad.

     Roxanne on the other hand, was a short little aurburn haired girl with a bad temper. She had warm chocolate brown eyes that could warm your heart, or scare you half to death when she as pissed. 

     I was similiar to Roxanne in temper, height, and a little in hair colour. Mine was a little redder than hers, and I had sky blue eyes. Not shocking like Terry and Jaces, bu still noticable.

    I had now finished unpacking my room, not there was alot to unpack. When you travel alot, you learn not to bother with keeping too many possesions, because they can be a pain in the ass to pack and unpack constantly.

    I walked across the hall to Roxanne and Terry's room. Roxanne was there unpacking. Terry had left, leaving it all  to her. He was terrible at organizing anyway, so Roxanne always ended up kicking him out because he wasin her way.

    "Hey Roxanne, I'm going for a walk, see what the town is like."

    "Kay, see ya later. Just make sure you have your cross with you."

    I nodded and said that I'd be back soon. Shortly after walking down the stairs, out the back door, and into the warm sunlight.

    You're probably wondering, if I'm walking out in sunlight, then why do I have to wear protection against vamps? That whole thing about sunlight killing vamps is a bunch of crock. It doesn't kill them at all. It may bother them a bit, but they can walk out just like any other person. Great huh?"

    I decided to walk down the alleyways to avoid people like Beth watching me. That was one thing that bugged me about the city. During the day, people could see you from inside their house and you couldn't see them. At night, people could see you from the streets and you can't see them. It's creepy.

    Once I got out of the neighbourhood though, I walked back out into the street. I crossed the fourway, figuring that it should be pretty quiet since it was about two in the afternoon, and everybody was eighther in school or at work.

    But I was wrong. I was almost across the street when a beat up old Chevy truck came roaring up the road. Before it managed to hit me though, my hunter's reflexes kicked in and I actually got out of the way.

   The truck didn't even slow to see if I was okay. But I could still see the forearm that was resting on the window ledge of the truck, and I caught the glimpse of a dragon tattoo snaking up his arm.

   The only problem with this was that vamps used dragon and black rose tattoo's to identify themselves to eachother. Dragon for the guys, and black rose for the girls.

                                               *     *     *     *

The End

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