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i'm not gonna give that away!! where's the element of surprise?

Chapter 1

     I walked down the street of the quiet little town that had literally been abandoned. All of the townspeople were eighther dead, or taking refuge in neighbouring towns, hoping for the near future when they could move back.

     I walked up to the source of the problem, or, at least, where the source of the problem lived.

     In the moonlight, i could see  that it looked like an oridianry two-story house. White with brown trimmed windows and doors. There was an iron fence that surrounded  the tiny lawn that was covered with summer dew. Standing on the doormat on the balcony, I could hear the steady thump of party music. It sounded like a normal teenage party. It still would if the enitre town was still here to hear it. Now it stuck out like a sor thumb.

     I knocked on the door, waited a moment, and knocked again when no one answered. This time, I got an answer. A tall, burly blonde answered. He looked dazed, like he was high, except it wasn't drugs that he was high on.

     "It's too late for all guests," the blonde grunted rudely," you have to-"

     He stopped when he got a good look at me. He looked me over with his souless eyes. I hate to brag, but I'm pretty hot. And what I was wearing only enhanced that. Not that I wanted to, I kinda had to. I was wearing a black tank top with low waisted jeans, a spiked belt and black army boots. Trust me, this isn't my normal line of clothing. Like I said, I have to wear it.

     "Hi, I said innocently," my friend told me there was a party here, and I'm late because she gave me the wrong directions and got I got lost," I tried very hard to look like an innocent, nieve girl who didn't know what she was getting into.

     The funny thing was, I knew exactly what I was getting into.

     The blonde seemed to fall for my act because he gave me a lecherous, hungry grin( he had very bad teeth by the way) and stepped aside so that I could walk right in.

     When I got in the house, it was exactly as I expected. Dark, and music that put humans into a stupified trance. Good thing that I had special earplugs to protect me from that. The music had the same effect on humans as the date rape drug. And these guys took advantage, but it wasn't for sex.

     I know that you're getting all confused at what I'm getting at, but bare with me.

     There were people everwhere, some were already under the effects of the music and wandering around aimlessly. Some weren't. They were completely aware of their surroundings. These were the people that I wanted to be careful around. The vampires.

     I know what you're probably thinking.Vampires aren't real. They only exist in horror movies, stories, and little kids nightmares. Let me tell you something. They are very real, and they are very dangerous.

     What am I doing here if they're so dangerous? I am what you call a vampire hunter. I know, real creative right? I kill those people for a living, if you can even call them people.

     Anyway, I began to act like the girls that were under the trance of the music. Just so that I wouldn't arouse suspision in these perceptive vampires. I began to act listless like them, and star into space when I sat on the leather couch that was absolutely freezing.

     Vampires usually have these little 'house parties' once ' every month and they usually invited the same people. Those guests were their food source.The humans didn't change into vampires unless the venom in the special glands that were behind the fangs were released into the human body. As long as the vampires kept that in check, they had a reliable food source forever. Just as long as they didn't take too much from the human at once. That's why they threw these parties with lots of victems.

     I waited in the house for about an hour, carefully avoiding any vamp who was looking for a snack. I did this by going to the bathroom earlier, taking the dagger that was at the small of my back and made two shallow holes in my neck to make it look like a vamp was chomping on me.

     An hour gave me enough time to blend in with the crowd. It also allowed me to sneak away unnoticed to the back of the house to let in the other waiting hunters.

     Roxanne, Terry, Jace, and a few other hunters were already standing at the door when I opened it.

     "Alright, let's go. You got my weapons?"

     Jace handed me my short sword and cross. The myth about a wooden stake only working to kill vamps was bull. It worked, but as long as the object impaled was good enough. I slipped on my cross and headed beck into the house.

     When I came back into the living room at first, nobody noticed me standing there with my sword. That was until I marched over to the blonde guy from before who was chomping on the neck of some cute redhead and stabbed him in the chest.

     Then the chaos exploded.

     When I got the one vamp, the others realized who I was and what I was here for and they were on me in a heartbeat( even though they don't have one). But before one of them was able to get a hold of me and rip my throat out, Jace stepped in and stabbed the vampire, re-killing him instantly. The single wooded stake that was soaked in holy water sent the screaming vamp up in flames instantly. As soons as he was done with, he went onto the next one. I followed suit easily.

     We left the humans alive. Being in the trance that they were, they wouldn't remember anything as long as we kept the music on. We were here to kill vamps, not our own kind.

     "Okay, we're done here," Terry announced, pulling the stake out of an obviouly re-dead vampire.

     We carefully treaded up the stairs, all alert. This is where the Ancient would be. They usually kept their quarters upstairs, away from the fledglings to have their own private meals. An Ancient was eighther one of the original vamps that were created by Dracula, Lestat, Marcus, or Marius, or they were vamps that broke away from the coven and created their and were old enough to fit into that category. 

     When we got to the top of the stairs, weapons at the ready, we listened carefully for the murmers of the vamps food. We heard it at the end of the hall, so we booted down the door.

     Inside was a vamp feasting on a now unconcious teenage girl. I could see a few trickles of blood run down the girls throat from where the vamps mouth was clamped and feading.

     There was also another one on the other side of the hall and looking pensively out the window. But when we burts through the door, his head whipped around. The one that was feeding looked up and screeched like a harpie. Terry lept forward and ended it right there with that vamp.

     But the window just kept standing there and staring at me. He looked to be in his forties, which meant that he must have changed then.

     "Darlene?" he practically whispered.

    Everybody froze. Especially me, who had no clue how the hell he knew me.

     "How do you know my name?"

     He ignored my question by asking me one of his own," what are you doing with them?"

     "What are you talking about? And how the hell do you know my name?"

     "You shouldn't be with them. You don't belong there."

     Still nobody moved. But the vamp decided that it was his time to leave, so he jumped out the window.

      Of course, he didn't die. Hell, he could land face first in the pavement and still not have a scratch on him. But he disappeared all the same.

      But none of my questions did.

                                               *     *     *     *

The End

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