Leap Of Faith

As it turns out, Alicia wasn’t too fond of rooftop hopping— she hadn’t done so in ages and now something to do with hitting the ground and not waking up again bothered her. When there was water below her? She had no problems throwing herself over the edge with reckless abandon. After all, once she hit the water there was more of a chance she could swim to land—but with where she was standing at the moment? No was she was risking a broken bone or worse.

Though as fate would have it, she’d have to do a little gambling no matter how much she did not want to. The current crevice before her was the widest they had come across. Sūraja had to land on all fours just to keep her balance when she landed and Petricia leapt over almost effortlessly.

Alicia looked at her friends and then back over her shoulders at the shouts that were coming from behind her. At least 20 soldiers and police officers were after them, chasing from rooftop to rooftop.  

“What kind of master thief wants to draw attention to them?” The blonde had all but shrieked when they had been spotted. Sūraja at that moment repeated several words that the princess hoped stayed without a translation. Petricia, not surprisingly, was cackling like a madwoman and shrugged as she cried “Run!” and dashed off!

Alicia took a deep breath before backing up a little. She went into a sprint, catapulting herself forward! Her arms rotated in circles as she caught air, trying to propel herself a few more inches. At the feeling of sudden free-fall, her heart seemed to sink into the pit of her stomach. She honestly couldn’t believe this was how she was going to go out—  

Her friends caught her by wrists seconds later, hands grasping around them as tightly as possible. Though she was dangling over the side, the girl smiled as she glanced up to her companions. Sūraja all but returned the gesture, Petricia grinding her teeth together.

“You, bunny princess,” Petricia groaned, “Need to stop samplin’ all the food that comes to yer when we’re workin’!”

Alicia gave a playfully offended gasp, a whizzing sound catching her attention before she could retort. An arrow breezed by her ear and chinked into the brick wall, inches from her head. The blonde whipped her head back to see a line of several officers, their armguard doubling as crossbows, all aimed at her head. Oh come on!

The End

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