Life Is A High Stakes Card Game

“That old rat has been all over the place,” Mini chimed in as she pulled out Alicia and Petricia’s uniforms, “For such a muscle-bound idiot, my husband has a rather large memory and a knack for picking up languages. Because of phonetics and the like, if you try to a spell that isn’t in your base language, it’s possibly something might get mistranslated and you’ll get mixed results. Anything speech he picks up, he can practically parrot with perfect accuracy.”

“Alright, ladies,” Mini cautioned as she pulled Sūraja into an orange dress, a red covering hanging from her right shoulder and going down her side diagonally, with an orange turban-like headband being placed on her head. “You lot have got an appointment with a spider! Don’t trust everything he says, no matter how gentlemen he seems to be, he won’t hesitate to spin a lie or two into whatever he tells you. If you aren’t back in two hours, I’ll send James to look for you to make sure you haven’t been eaten by Zeke or worse arrested by those damn cards.”

James final faced the four females, his hand touching a nearby lamp to reveal a secret stairwell.

“Sorry that ya don’t have enough time to gather all yer things, but it’s best if ya headed over there now and wait for that deluded woman’s cronies to split and head back home. Do not drop the disguise spell. Now go, I’ll see ya lot later!”

Before Alicia or Sūraja could get out a word of protest, they were quickly pushed down the stairs only to emerge from the backstreet behind the entire building. Her expression and the fayri’s were exactly the same, mouths agape and eyes open from shock. Petricia merely cricked her neck and stretched out her hands to crack her knuckles.

“So we’re weaponless, got at least 100 or so soldiers after us, a crazy strong second in command that may or may not be out for our blood, and an hour time limit to meet with a fayri who could be physic. This is going to be sooo much fun. TO THE ROOFTOPS!”

Her friends jaws seemed to dropped even lower as they watch her skip off towards another alleyway across the street.

“Has it ever occurred to you that something might be seriously wrong with her?” The princess asked, her face twisted in disbelief. Sūraja exhaled a tired sighed, ears dropping and tail going limp.

“Believe it or not I have fancied the thought more than once. Occasionally I believe it is I that is insane for putting my utmost faith in her.” Running her hands through her hair, she then smirked, “But she has yet to let me down thus far and I must say that things would never be as interesting without her spirit. Come, let us hurry so that way she doesn’t get into too much trouble.”

The End

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