Full House

"Well aren’t you three as cute as can be!” Maddigan was positively glowing from talking to James. Well, the blonde and the redheaded fayri looked a little like the perpetrators. But the swaying tails inclined her to believe that they were as he said. “Well, if see the culprits I’m looking for, please be sure to contact me. I hope you’ll keep up your end of my offer.”

The Ace then stepped aside to let them pass, the girls’ letting out a collective sigh once they were out of earshot.

“Whatever you do, do not let down that spell, lovelies, there a bunch of these fine ladies all over.” James voiced was quite serious for being in such a hushed tone. As they continued to stroll down the street, the teens could easily pick up on the soldiers.              

They rounded the final corner to see the hotel come into view, Mini waving to them from the doorway. Once inside, instead of directing them towards their room, she ushered the girls and her husband into their apartment.

“We have a problem, girls! My restaurant has been overrun by those flimsy card soldiers!” The woman griped as she threw up her hands in frustration. Alicia maneuvered to the window that overlooked the restaurant. To the woman’s word, every seat in the place seemed to have a solider on it. The princess gulped, backing away.

Petricia, on the other hand, was full tilt in expressing her excitement with a grin. Oh she loved it when situations get tough like this! Her eyes glittered with adrenaline as her mind shot off plans in how to escape this time and get out wound free (or at least without causing too much damage to the surroundings). Maybe use an invisibility spell to—

“How did you know the right language to activate my disguise and make it so perfect?” Petrica asked, her attention on James, who had been forced to face the wall since they had entered the room.

The End

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