A Mad Fan

Ch. 5: Can You See What A Spider Threads?

The streets were now full of people, as they headed back to the hotel. James kept them entertained by telling different stories from his youth and jokes he had picked up on his journeys. They were close to their destination with their laughter adding to the noise of the crowd before a familiar woman caught James’s attention up ahead and approaching them. He circled around the girls, putting them behind his back and whispered “Eicaf Eratum. Emritşiğed züy.” while grabbing at Alicia and Petricia’s wrist.

“It’s an honor met someone of your talent, Mr. McLane!” Heather Maddigan called out as she stepped up to them, the obvious excitement in her voice all too honest to be a ruse. She extended a hand, James grasping it to get a good shake. “I was always a really big fan of your work when you were in the ring. I took up a couple of classes when I was younger because I witnessed your skills. If you ever needed a partner, I’d love to go a 'round or two!”

The girls' jaws hit the floor at the genuine grin and sparkling eyes of an excited fan meeting her hero. James couldn’t help but chuckle as he cut his eyes to girls’ expressions.

“I’d love to one day. It’s always nice to run into a fan from my glory days! Especially to find that the Queen of Dekarea’s Ace is one of them! Helps me remember all the fun that was. Was a sparring invitation all you needed, Ms.?” Maddigan blushed at the fact that idol knew of her existence and title.

“Oh! Um, no sir! I only ask that you keep a lookout for a couple of criminals I’m scouting for!” Maddigan drew her hand to her side, finally taking note of the three girls behind him, “Might I ask who these three are with you?”

“These three are my nieces. Yea I know what yer thinkin’ ‘How can they be yer family if they’re felines?’ Well ya can pick yer friends and ya can find yer enemies, but ya can’t choose who ya kin is. Kitena, Inilla, and Mita, say hello to the nice lady.” The three gave very strained smiles, Alicia’s blonde and Petricia’s orange “ears” twitching uncomfortably as they mumbled greetings.

The End

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