Color Of The Soul

 Both girls sat down where they were standing not moments before, their breath labored and sweat gleamed of their brows after 10 or so back to back sessions.   

“There are several primary colors assigned to the basic elements use in energy manipulation. Red, blue, yellow, black, and white. Fire, water, electricity, stone, and air.” Alicia started.

“Everybody is born with some sort of attraction to a certain color." Petricia followed up. "But what people keep forgettin’ is that there are as many colors on the spectrum as there are as many people on the planet. Different shades have different properties while mixed colors create new elements.” 

“Good, good! It seems you’re fairly informed.” James smiled, crossing his arms, “Then you also know primary colors are the said to be the strongest. Certain elements, such as shade and light, don’t have set colors but take on that of the user’s aura.”

 They had rested long enough, he deemed as he pulled them to their feet.

“Fayri from a young age show their affinities almost instantaneously,” Philip appeared on side closest to them, opening both of his hands and bringing to life a red-orange flame in the shape of a flower. “And while most humans must have a strong tie to their spiritual chakra and practice to control it in order to reach get full mastery of their color, you two,” Alicia’s eyes enlarged, casting a glimpse at her friend, who continued to focus on James.

“Are special cases. While you can certainly use magic, your color has been blocked to you. That is because that mark is so closely connected to yer Spirit Guides. Access to it has been “sealed”, for had ya used it at such a young age with no sense of a gauge, the consequences could have been dire.”

He turned them around, their back facing him. Pressing his thumbs along Alicia’s neck and Petricia’s upper spine, the girls tensed, expecting there be some sort of light show. To their dismay, it seemed nothing had happened.

“It’s up to you to unlock that potential through your own means. I can’t be giving ya any freebies.” Petricia pouted for having gotten her hopes up, Alicia eyes bright from having learned an important lesson. “Though there is a more primary component that I can help ya with.”

The End

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