“Ya ever gonna tell her?”

Petricia found an interesting mark on the ground, knowing what he was talking about as he called down to her.

“I’m talkin’ to ya, kid. I dunno what kind of baggage that mark carries for you, but it ain’t the type of thing that you should go about hiding. It’s better if you tell her about it now then her finding out with the chips are down.” His voice was carried a heavy weight to it, his tone completely serious.

“Judgin’ from what kind of person she is I bet she already knows and is waitin’ for ya to clean ya nose about it. Those marks are hella important to our culture as fayri. Do you understand Petricia?”

The thief still hadn’t raised her head as Alicia and Philip returned, the man’s smile suddenly reappearing. Philip handed Petricia a set of green gloves and a green helmet, Alicia sliding on her own red pair. They climbed into the arena with the Pro.

“Alrighty then! Since we’re on my turf why not let me teach you a few things?” Pop always said that you can tell what kind of person they were once you got’em in the ring. He had them go through the basic movements: sidestepping, blocking, jabs, and hooks, nothing fancy. It was his luck that both girls were quick studies and naturally light on their feet.

Petricia was a rapid, short hitter who had more accuracy than strength. Alicia, being the bigger two, was a lot more heavily handed which caused her fist to carry more weight, her hits more solid in their execution. Their stances were equally sloppy, but Petricia’s happened to be looser, more relaxed and free-flowing, whereas Alicia’s was more dignified, rigid and tense.   

James had them go a few rounds to see where they stood in scrap between them. As he has guessed, they were equally matched and tied every fight. No matter how many feints the thief through, the princess always seemed to see them coming and was able to dodge and follow through. He smiled as they go at least one more round. Enough of the kiddie stuff! It was time to get to the fun business! He caught both of their arms as they were in mid-throw.

“That was great you two! It’s good to know you can have a friendly spar with your comrades! Now let’s get to the tricky stuff! What can you tell me about the colours of elements?” 

The End

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