Match Ups

“That’s— that’s the Shadow Step!” Petricia said, her mouth unhinging a little. Sūraja was blushing at the display for some reason, and Alicia a little confused at had just occurred. Thankful the cat fayri could articulate more than the stunned thief.

“It is a move said to be a reincarnation of the Reflect Bond, a technique used by the strongest water-using monks, both human and fayri, of Citanica. It allows the user to make manipulate their shadow into becoming a copy of themselves, both for diversion and attacking purposes. The problem with it is that it involves the shade element, which is rumored to be overwhelmingly draining of both chakras.”

Sūraja’s voice sound conflictingly worried and amazed by the use of the move. She also seemed to forget that the caster wasn’t normal by any standards. James dealt a final uppercut to his shadow dancer, having not broken a sweat or showing any sort of fatigue. He took off his helmet, heading back to his corner and draping his arms along the ropes.

“G’day, barbies.” He called to them. They each greeted him with a morning. “Alright, give the breakdown of what you lot are made of.”  

“I am a puma fayri, a user of Ṭūṭī Phēṅga Raśa style and a support battle mage. My companion Petricia is a self-proclaimed master thief, dual dagger wielder, and knows a few spells that I have taught her from my native tongue. Alicia is a long staff user who I assume has had royal training and is also blessed with a guiding mark.”   

“Thank you, love. Now then let’s get started! Jaja, go limber yourself up with some yoga and then go talk to woman in the grey. Heard she’s a jiu-jitsu master who’s a cheetah fayri! Ali, go with Philly boy and get some boxing gear. You and Cici are getting in the ring!”

They group separated at his words, leaving Petricia and him alone.

The End

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