Shadow Boxing

Early next morning, Alica awoke to find her friends wearing workout equipment. It seemed as if the males’ persuasion pulled enough sway for them to take the day off. Petrica had a green sweat band around her head, a black t-shirt and green spandex-like tights on. Sūraja was wearing a two-sizes-too-big white shirt and orange sweatpants. She found a white tank top and red shorts on her own nightstand. Sūraja said her own hair spell so that way the blonde’s up-do was done in two separate curly pigtails.

The trio ran down the stairs to find young Philip waiting for them, feet kicking back and forth as he sat on front desk. His mother stood beside her son, resting her arms on the countertop the normal waiting staff been seen from her spot. “If it weren’t for you brats I wouldn’t have gotten my ears talked of by those two.” Her son gave them a mischievous smile before kicking off of onto the ground.

They followed the kid outside, passing by the restaurant—Alicia quickly ran in to give a waiting Zanazike his jasmine tea, this time with a cherry scone—jogging several blocks before stopping in front of a large red brick building. Philip led them inside, various areas sectioned with different components: a weight room on the left, various martial arts training equipment and sparring on the right, yoga and gymnastics equipment on the upper right hand corner. In the middle was a giant ring.

James was geared up in corner closest to him, helmet and gloves strapped tight.  But he had no opponent so why was he wearing equipment? The three looked at the kid for answers but he simply responded with a wide smile. His father took a deep breath, dark blue energy surrounding his body. The shadow he was casting from the overhead window morphed into a full 3rd dimensional copy of the boxer in the opposite corner, taking the same starting position!

The End

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