World Class Brass

“So Donnie boy brought you to my fantastic abode because you wanted a visit with old Zeke?” James asked as Sūraja let up her attack but settled the boy into her lap. They nodded a yes.

“Also heard how much a great help you lot were from the bastards in the kitchen with your waitressing skills,” Alicia and Petricia beamed with pride at the commendation, “Though aren’t you two the ones who peeved off the Queen of Dekarea? Saw loads of posters with your faces on them on my patrol.”

A law enforcement officer? That wasn’t good! Would he rat them out? Would they have to run? “Papa’s the best postman in the entire city!” Philip chimed in, the girls’ tension in their shoulders easing away.

“I’d guess your third culprit would be you, guṛiyā, with those magic hands of yours the cooks bragged about? Even my wife was a bit envious of your potential. Well if Donnie trusts you enough to bring you here and my life trust you enough to take care of her restaurant, what are a few stowaways, right?"

"Come on, Philly boy, let’s go see if we can get yer mum to give these girls tomorrow off and get them over to the gym!”

The young mouse fayri gave the big cat fayri a little Eskimo kiss before clambering onto his seated father’s shoulders.

“Are you gonna show’em what it’s like to be the block’s best boxer, Papa?” The little boy asked as the door was closed behind him.

“Maybe, if they happen to be interested in your old man’s technique!”

 Alicia watched the door close before turning her attention to the fayri with a smile. “You’re very good with kids, Sūraja.” The gesture was returned, her face radiant after finally clicking with child. “Most of my people are. It does help that he reminds me of my baby brother.”

“I got it!” Petricia suddenly declared, catching both her friends’ attention! “I was wonderin’ why he looked so dang familiar! Phil’s dad is a world class boxer! Jimmy “Ricochet” McKinsey! He’s said to be one of the best there ever will be in the business, a legend among athletes! How’d the old inn-keeper bag a man like that?” Her eyes were perky with excitement before shifting to confusion as she pivoted to her comrades.

“Many do say that love works in mysterious ways.” Surrie quipped.

The End

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