Chapter 4. Boxers and Brief Descriptions

“Okay, tell me I’m not the only one who feels that Mrs. McLane knows a lot more than she should?” Alicia said as she buttoned up her pajama top, standing near the patio later that night. To their surprise Petricia still hadn’t taken off her uniform, checking herself out in the vanity.

“I dunno anythin’ about that, but that lady knows a thing or two about fashion. Is this outfit not the cutest damn thing?” Petricia caught her companions’ stares through their reflections, her smile morphing into a pout. “What? Just because I’m a complete and utter badass doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate adorable clothes every now and again?”  

Sūraja sat on her bed fully dressed for bed, her hands pressing her feet, hair in single braid. “I have also noticed that as well, Alicia. How is it that she’s able to make such tailored outfits to match our personalities when she has known for less than 48 hours? It seems that she is a fountain of knowledge on many subjects and if we wish to take at least the tiniest sip, we must work for it. For example today she stated a strange saying I have never heard before. One to see for how it was, the one to see for how it is, and the one to see for how it could be—

One to follow, one to house, one to turn the tale around. A great tragedy to be unveiled, a trusted lover to be lost, the lamb of death to be found, a great storm to rein the end of a dark age.” Petricia and Alicia recited, voices matching word for word. Alicia watched Petricia curiously, the thief purposely closing off her face.

“But why would she mention that? It’s an old wives’ tale, something to get the children to sleep at night.” Alicia asked the group.

Before anyone could answer her, a cry of “Papa, don’t do it! The mean old cat lady said she’d eat you up!” could be heard from the hallway.

Deep laughter bellowed just outside their room.

The End

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