Those Who See

“We looked all over for you, sir.”

“I can only wonder why? Looking here first is always the best try. If you wish to speak about business to get your Queen’s forgiveness, then we shall roam to my very lovely home.”

With this he stood up, sliding his hands into his pockets and stepping around the soldiers without touching him. They followed behind him, Maddigan giving the diner a sweep before leaving. The girls ducked out of sight, backing up into someone behind them.

“And what do you girls think you’re doing leaving your post?” They looked in arrears to find their employer standing over them, her left hand tapping her right forearm impatiently. It was then that she looked through the doorway to see the sharply dressed man being followed by women in silver uniforms. “Did you cater to the man in the black and blue suit, bun hun?”

Alicia nodded, grinning and going into how kind the man was despite his weird little rhyming quirk. “That’s just how old Zanazike is. And no, you may not rush out of here to go visit him once your shifts are over. Now get back to work!”

Alicia’s jaw had dropped at the news that the person they were looking for had been her first client. Petricia shoved the shocked girl out into the field, Sūraja walking around the mouse eared woman to get back into the kitchen. McLane chuckled under her breath as she watched the green and red dressed girls get back into the feel of things.

“The one who sees for what it was, the one who sees for how it is, and the one who sees for how it could be.”

“Madam?” The mouse turned to see the cat watching her with a tilted head, ears fully pointed and attentive.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little tail about! Get a move on, little cub!” She then shooed Sūraja back into the kitchen, the girl taking up orders from the other cooks.

The End

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