Spider Solitaire

She quickly got into the rhythm of things, chatting up everyone as if she had worked there for years, her and Petricia walking circles around one another. She’d occasionally circle back to the gentlemen, refilling his mug from a pitcher. He seemed to be waiting for someone, but she did her best not to question it.

The pair of them continued to do rounds, until the bell jangled several times. Alicia halted mid-word at the flash of silver that caught the cut of her eye, the familiar red jacket causing her to stop all together. Dekarean soldiers and the Ace herself had entered the restaurant. The black-marked princess back pedaled until she bumped into Petricia and yanked her towards the kitchen—“Hey! I’m busy here!”—also grabbing the fayri and pulling them towards the hallway of the inn.

“We have a problem!”

Petricia pulled out of the rabbit’s grip, arms crossing over her chest indignantly. “I’ll say! I was in the middle of somethin’ and—”

“The Ace of Dekarea is currently residing inside our work place speaking with the strange gentleman to whom you first served?” Sūraja said as she tipped over to the doorway Alicia had earlier, peering to see the threat not too far away from them. Petricia strolled over, her dress swaying back and forth as she walked.

“Are you the spider fayri?” They heard the Ace ask as she sat across from the man.

He responded by taking a long sip of his tea, checking his monocle before looking her directly in her eyes. His fingers tapped along the clay shell, a rhythm in eight beats.

“You come to me expecting a clue, but you don’t know me as I do you. It seems the Ace is losing her edge because of a rabbit, one would hope it doesn’t become a habit. The one you seek is close within your reach, but what kind of lesson would teach?”

The End

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