Maid My Day

Entering a door she hadn’t seen there the previous night, Alicia entered a semi-crowded diner, people sitting along the front countertop or in the booths to the side. To her surprise, she found Petricia taking orders from her customers quickly before tucking the pen behind her ear and pacing off to the kitchen’s wire lining.

The thief’s own outfit was almost similar to Alicia’s own, except that it was a peppermint green this time and the short girl had been forced to wear a black corset type piece, her dress showing off a modest amount cleavage (apparently nothing was hidden from this Ms. McLane). Two little circles curled out into wing-like symbols on the back of the dress.   

So if Petrica was here where was—“Two orange breakers, a Cavity stacker, and a side of browns, is the correct order for table 10, yes?” The fayri was helping assist in the kitchen, her hands working fast as she created divinely good food. Her martial arts skills helping with speed and accuracy, the occasional spell working one or two cooking instruments as she moved from station to station.

“Ma’am, you aren’t too distracted I hope? You might want to get started soon, so you will eventually cope.” This man was wearing a simple black suit with light blue pinstripes and white tie, a monocle hanging over one eye. Alicia fumbled a little in getting out her pen and notepad from her apron that was stitched on her dress.

“Would it be alright if I started with you then?”

The man smiled at her.

“That would be most appreciated. I’d like to have a blueberry muffin as if it were fated. Also, your best jasmine tea! Yes, that would most please me!” Alicia scratched down the request and bounded off to fulfill it. To her wonder, the order already seemed to be waiting for her arrival. Taking it to her first customer, he happily thanked her with another little rhyme.

The End

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