Sunny Hospitality

“Okay, princess, it’s time for you to join the world of the waking!” The loud, southern hilted voice of their current caretaker rang in Alicia’s ear. She groaned as the early morning sunlight hit her closed eyelids, as the elder lady pulled open the patio door. Her body was stuck in the plushness of the mattress and she had no desire to move from.

“Do you want me to give a holler to your little robber friend?” Empty threats will get you nowhere mouse lady—“Hey, ‘Tricia! Your blonde buddy is being a straggler!”

Alicia sat up as if she had been struck by lightning. Her hair seemed to agree with this analogy, flowing every which way from a terrible case of bedhead. McLane stood at the foot of her bed, arms crossed with a cocky smirk on her lips.

 “It’s 7 in the morning, time to get to work! Both your companions are downstairs burning daylight, so you best get to work! And Katrix, if you don’t leave this here girl alone I will personally wring your neck out or get Croquet to do it!”

The blonde’s head whipped towards the balcony to see an orange tabby looking after them, winking at the girl. McLane turned towards the animal and shooed at it, the cat jumping off the balcony to a lower ledge.

Alicia all but scrambled out of her sheets to the plant covered veranda, hair whipping back as she was met with salty winds blowing from the water close by. The cat had disappeared. But what was more so, the hotelier knew something about Chester.

The princess turned around, hoping to possibly get some knowledge from the lady, but discovered that she had scurried down the stairs.

“Hurry it up, doll!" McLane called, "There are orders to be taken and breakfast to be served!”

Alicia sighed. Once again she was given more questions than answers.

Orrac.” She yawned as she descended down the stairs, magically fixing her hair to make a fashionable braid, so she could tie a black bandana along her head. Her waitress outfit was a short sleeve, billowing bright red dress with black buttons along the collar, white ruffles skirting along the edge. A tiny black rabbit was placed on the left hand corner of the dress, matching the side with her mark.

The End

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