Perfect Pajamas

Upon opening the door, it expanded into a fairly large, golden painted room. Three identical king sized beds with curtained wooden bed frames lay along the left wall with their own nightstand and miniature clocks, a black tinted patio door going out to a stone and concrete balcony. On the right side the room stood a large dresser drawer, a fully body vanity mirror one side, the doorway to the bathroom on the other.

Alicia followed their hostess advice and claimed the bed closest to the balcony as her own, Petricia taking the one in the middle, which left Sūraja with the one closest to the hall. They tested their mattresses in their own way (Alicia’s was a face first dive into the pillows, Petricia sat on the side to make sure it didn’t creak, and Sūraja had practically started her cat nap.) when there was a knock on the door.

 Sūraja was left to open the door as her friends simply started at it. She was greeted by the sight of folded clothes being carried by a tiny person. Upon taking them into her arms, a small, whiskered boy with beige skin was found looking up at the fayri. He had the slightest blush on his cheeks, ears curled down.

“You look as sweet as possible, young one. I might just have to gobble you up!” The boy’s eyes grew in size as she let her fangs show with a smile, before he bolted off crying for his mother, who they assumed was McLane. The cat girl gave a laugh, placing the clothes on her bed before shutting the door. Petricia hurled a pillow at her head.

“That wasn’t funny, ya crazy feline! That kid’s gonna have nightmares now.”

Alicia lifted her head from her pillow, looking at what was presented before them. “What are those?” Petricia unfolded the tangerine orange outfit, which turned out to be a pair of pajamas (the other pair were a cherry red and dark mint green respectively).

 On the pocket on the top a white SP was embroidered in white fancy, curvy lettering. Sūraja lifted up the pants, which seemed to have a hole where her butt would be. “You might want to get those fixed, Sūraja.”

“Nonsense. This is perfect!” The fayri chimed happily, quickly sliding into the pants. “Lah Ātalac Ātap.” Her friends watched speechlessly as a caramel-beige appendage appeared to fill the whole, twitching back and forth excitedly. Acting as if nothing had just happened, Sūraja quickly put on the upper part of the outfit and strode over to vanity. Their jaws dropped because it turned out that their friend had a tail all along.

The End

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