“You need some of my magical crab soup, a cat nap, and maybe a cola bath.” She pointed as she strode towards Sūraja.

“You need probably the softest bed in the joint and a massage to get those stress knots out,” waving at Alicia.

“And you,” Stopping in front out Petricia, noses almost touching as she looked the brunette eye to eye. “Need not to steal all my silverware or from any other guests that stay here. There is no safe or secretly hidden treasure box, so don’t go looking. The name is Gemini McLane and I run this establishment.” The girls looked after the lady as she entered the building before glancing at each other, following behind a sliver of a black tail.

“I also happen to run a small yet fairly popular restaurant called Double-Eye Diners. I expect, seeing as you are old Gestone’s pickups that you work there in the morning, no later than 7 a.m. Deary me after what happened with Rosalind, he just can’t sit there if a fellow fayri is in trouble! She only lost a finger! And it’s not like she didn’t grow it back the next morning!” McLane said this last part to no one in particular, sliding behind the front desk, going up to the key holder and picking 413.

“Fourth floor, east side, right hand corner. You each get your own beds (Green eyes, yes, you. Go for the one closest to the window, it’s the fluffiest), a large drawer, and a bathroom with a tub.”

“I expect a gold piece from each of you humans later tomorrow and depending on how well you work tomorrow morning, the price might go down the longer you stay. You, puma honey, can stay for free as long as you try not to bite my son, no matter how sweet of a rascal he his. ”

The three blinked in complete confusion as the mouse eared innkeeper shooed them off. A golden key was pressed into Sūraja’s hand, as McLane started going up the stairs behind the front desk to her own apartment.

“Welcome to Dreamaway Lodges, ladies, hope you enjoy your stay.”

The girls followed her directions, heading towards the eastern wing on the fourth floor.

The End

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