Dream Away

“Alicia, come and look at this marvelous view!” She jerked awake, finding that the fayri was no longer in her lap. She found that her friends were on their knees as the leaned on the back of the driver’s seat, looking out before them. Climbing up after them, her eyes grew wide at what they were seeing. The stars in the night sky seemed dull in comparison to the port-side paradise.

The land seemed to stretch off into the far off horizon. They were now surrounded by a multitude of other carts and horseless carriages that emitted a water vapor into the air. As they finally entered the city, they found fancy gentlemen and urban teens running the streets as the lamps burned away midnight oil. The farmer’s horse trotted along the cobblestone road, until he stopped in front of an inn by the name of Dreamaway Lodges.

The three of them climbed out of the carriage—“Are you absolutely sure that you do not need us to volunteer assistance in setting up your stand in the morning? Those boxes are quite hard to move, after all.”—just as a woman in a pale blue dress and white apron rushing out of the building to greet him. Her hair was in an up-do, the single loose strand a silver-grey curving downwards as it bounced.

“Donald, you crazy goose, don’t tell me these are more strays you done picked off on your way here!” The woman put her fists on her hips as she gave a small kick of the man’s large wooden wheel. He only tipped his hat at her before moseying along towards the city’s market circle.

“Thank you kindly, Ms. Mini!” His voice called from down the road.

She huffed, shaking a fist with sigh. The woman’s face eased up with a smile. Oh the things she did for her husband’s old friends. One of these days she was going to have to learn to say no. She gave a small shake of her head before turning to survey her new arrivals.

The End

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