The Spider Teller

“I believe that I can help with that inquiry,” chimed in a male voice. The farmer looked over his shoulder to make sure he had their undivided attention. “The “Spider-Teller” can’t be anyone other than Zanazike, the Wise.”

“He’s a living legend in these parts, a fayri that’s supposed to be able to read the great circle of life itself. Even the Queen of Dekarea sends her soldiers to visit him periodically, because of the great accuracy of his predictions. I’m heading to his city right now actually.”

The three of them couldn’t believe how the Spirits had blessed them! To be able to come across such a person who—“I just need to get past this pay toll and we’ll be on the bridge connected to the mainland. I wonder why there are so many guards at this checkpoint.”

Sūraja wasted no time as they approached the toll bridge, grabbing her companion’s hands and chanting “Mē’āpuhc Ārahēc Ārēt!” to change face. A duo of 6s halted the carriage; a lowly 3 was ordered to check the back in case the people they were looking happened to be boarded. Instead they found three children, all who appeared to be the man’s three daughters by their features.

With no evidence that their targets were with this farmer, they let him pass. Further down the massive structure, Sūraja released the mirage. Her breathing was heavy and her skin paler than it had been only moments before, bags evident under her eyes.

“Sūraja, are you alright?” Instead of responding, the fayri started leaning over to one side of the carriage towards the boxes stacked beside them. Alicia rushed to catch her, the princess shifting so that way she was sitting on the other side and let the girl’s head rest in her lap.

“She’s fine, Bundie, just exhausted. Used up too much of her magic in a span of 24 hours it seems. Probably put too much anger into that explosion spell she did earlier and then havin’ to camouflage three people which drained her. She may have a larger reservoir of magic, but it ain’t unlimited. Just let her rest.”

The End

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