Blessed By Magic (Or Is It Science?)

Well, actually Alicia had learned that being able to cast magic was because of the rapidly firing synapses in commonly unused sections of the brain. The extra energy these parts expelled from the body caused various reactions within the atmosphere when combined with multiple trigger words, similar to what Petricia had displayed earlier with changing her dagger into a bracelet. The amount of magic cast by a user was based on their brain activity and physical prowess. But really, why bother with specifics?

“Fayri are more naturally adept to the mystic arts, most likely due to their connection to the Spirits. Due to this, they can release a sort of seal that direction connects a human to its Spirit Guardian. The mark is a sort of enhancer of magical and physical attributes throughout the human body, utilizing energy from their Guide.”

“Your mark obviously indicates that your guide is the rabbit. What physical properties that might entail, I do not know. That is for you to discover on your own. I can tell you what affinity your magical properties will affect because of the color though and I believe you can as well.” It was the color black, the element of stone.

“What interests me the most is what circumstances were that allowed you acquire the mark, seeing as fayri only give it to those that they deem trustworthy.” Alicia felt Petricia wince beside her, the blonde sliding a hand into the auburn’s own.      

“I’m not too sure to be honest. I’ve had it as long as I can remember. I can’t recall an instance where it wasn’t there for all to see.” The princess went silent as she attempted to go through her memory, but nothing that came to mind reflected her being given the mark by her fayri guardian.

“Well then ya have any idea what yer pal Chester was going on about when he mentioned this Spider-Teller person?” Petricia asked her offhandedly, her attention on the passing scenery.

The girl shook her head, the phrase brand new to her. She had never once heard of such a thing.

The End

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