Asking Is The Hardest Part

Ch.3 Of Streetlamps And Spiders

It took a while, but they eventually exited the forest due west. Luckily for them, they came across a kindly farmer headed in that general direction. He allowed them to ride the back of his coach, the thief and the princess taking to the right side while the fayri took the left. Before they had approached them, Sūraja had turned her scarf into a headdress, covering her ears from view.

Setting their gear at their feet, the trio took a moment to relax. Eventually though, as the carriage started to pull away, Petricia began to get restless from the silence. She nudged Alicia in the rib, nodding her head in Sūraja’s direction. “Ya gonna do it?” She asked with her eyes. Alicia nudged back with a blink of her eyes “No! You’re the one who’s known her longer!” This led to a back and forth that evolved from gentle nudges to full on shoves.

“So what exactly is that you wish to ask of me?” They stopped their antics, to see Sūraja watching them with a slightest of smirks. She waited demurely, waiting till one of them actually spoke up. Seeing as neither would, she decided to ask them herself. Finally Alicia gave into the pressure from Petricia.

“I was wondering about your reaction from my birthmark from earlier…” Alicia asked, folding her hands into her lap. Sūraja’s mouth formed an O at the statement.

“Ah! It is not something you should be too worried about! Know that what you carry on your body is something very rare among people of your character.” Neither of the two would never really know just how hard it was for them not to cast a sparring glance at the other at that very moment. They did notice, however, their fayri companion had altered her wording a little, most likely to not give anything away.

“As you both know fayri and humans alike are able to utilize magic through the physical and mental chakras in the body.” 

The End

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