“Whoever he is, he carries a strong scent, so much so that I could smell it from the campsite. It got stronger as I went along until I found him sitting there. I was not expecting him to evade my attack,” She gave a sniff of the air, but all traces of him had simply vanished.

“I will go and pack up camp. Both of you wait here and we shall leave at once.” They watched as she sauntered off, speaking to herself in her native tongue.

“Are you really going to ask?” Alicia looked up as Petricia was sliding on her gloves, focusing on her hand as if something new had appeared. It seemed that she had stuck onto what the rogue fellow had said. There really wasn’t any point in lying, especially when Alicia knew that she had trust issues.

“Yes, I was,” Alicia finally sighed as she slid on her other stocking, “I know for you that your birthmark carries a lot of weight, but for me this rabbit on my neck has never once held any meaning. I thought it was some strange scar that I had been birthed with. The fact that it might be of some significance, doesn’t that sound exciting or make you a least a tiny bit interested?”

Alicia’s eyes shone brilliantly with inquisitiveness and excitement. They dimmed slightly as they noticed the thief’s taut stance, only to brighten as the becoming-familiar grin popped into place.

“Well, I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t a little curious myself. Fine then, as soon as we get out of this forest, we’ll ask her about it!”

The End

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