“Is that so?” The young boy quipped cryptically, the grin on his pale freckled face much wider than should have been possible.

Aggravated, Petricia was about to rush him when the boy jumped from his position into a backflip and landed en point.

Sūraja’s cat like screech echoed as she fell into the pool with a splash. He then proceeded to tip his hat down in apology.

“I’m sorry, little one, but you’ll have to wait a thousand more years before you can catch me.”

Sūraja resurfaced, her ears turned down due to be being wet and her clothes entirely soaked. “Askrāps!” She snapped in his direction, causing an explosion to occur just over the rock. Chester seemed to anticipate her next move and had already hopped onto a nearby branch.

“I’m guessing I should come back when you three aren’t so hostile then. Alice, dear, I think you should head west and visit the Spider-Teller. I’m sure he can tell you a thing or two about what’s happening at home. Farewell for now!” And with that said, he disappeared into the forest without another word.

Sūraja climbed onto the rocky edge, frustration etched onto her face and eyes slit from going into hunter mode. Clearly she was bothered that her sneak attack had been useless. “Oh! Whoever that hooligan is, I cannot wait to meet him again! How dare he look down on me like that! I will show him who the little one his! Amrag Ōk Arīras Ārēt!” A soft glow washed over the fayri as she fumed. Taking a calming breath, her face changed to one of worry. “Are you two alright?”

Alica and Petricia wasted no time putting on the rest of their clothes, both not wanting the boy to return while they weren’t properly dressed that they didn’t bother putting away their weapons. “How did you know he was here?” The blonde asked as she slid on her stockings.

Sūraja merely wrinkled her nose at the thought.

The End

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