Katrix's Return

“But don’t get me wrong! I don’t cover up because I’m ashamed of my body or somethin’ like that.  I love my chest size and wouldn’t change it for the world. And have you seen me? I’m absolutely gorgeous.”

Alicia snorted at the girl’s overabundance of confidence.

“So what kind of nickname is Bundie?” Alicia asked as they sat there for a few moments. Petricia laughed at how randomly the question was placed.

“Is it really that hard to figure out? I called ya Blondie when I first met ya and then it turns out you got a bunny rabbit on yer neck. So I put two and two together and boom, Bundie.”

“Not to interrupt such a sweet moment,” A male disembodied voice called out to them, “But, Peter, you do realize that dear Alice is going to ask the little cub about her mark the second they are alone, right?”

The two both jumped up, looking about with their weapons in hand.

“Over here ladies!” They both turned to find Chester on the rock atop of the waterfall, wiggling his toes as he lay back fully relaxed. His head was covered by a straw hat, chewing again on a loose strand of hay.

“Chester, what are you doing up there?” Alicia bellowed at him, glad that they at least had their undergarments on. Petricia was glaring at the boy, not even so much as attempting to hide venom in her voice. “Ya know this brat, Bundie?”

The ginger boy pushed his hat up with his thumb, quickly sitting up and crossing his legs. “Oh, she and I are very well acquainted, I’m happy to say. One could assume that I was the one who allowed your paths to cross, gentle Peter.”   

“My name ain’t Peter, kid!”

The End

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