The White Robin

   “What are ya doin’ watchin’ other people bathe?” She reprimanded, wagging the blade in the other girl’s direction. Alicia just smiled at her as she stood and crossed her arms.

“You have an astounding voice, Petricia. That’s a wonderful gift you have.” Petricia’s whole body seemed to flush a darker shade at this compliment, turning around as she muttered. “Anatravirap.” to turn her dagger back into a bracelet and continued washing her hair.

“I’m surprised to find that you’re big where it counts. Honestly I’m a little jealous.” Alicia snickered as Petrica’s ears seemed to steam at the compliment.

“Oi! That ain’t a very lady like thing to say! I thought royalty was supposed to have all these gracious manners or somethin’!” The short yet busty girl cried as she clenched fist her fist at her side, clearly not ashamed now as casted a glare at her blonde companion. Alicia’s smile stuck, but then she noticed something white just over the thief’s heart. I smell a robin in the air. Petricia seemed to know what had caught her companion’s attention, crossing her arms over chest. “Don’t ya think ya should wash up a little? I can smell ya from over here.”   

“Does Sūraja know about it?” Once they had finished, Alicia helped wrap Petricia’s bandages carefully, legs crossed as they sat near the pool. She shook her head, keeping her attention to a certain tree as she kept her arms out straight.

“I ain’t told her yet. I can tell she knows what it means exactly from her reaction to yers. But this mark, it carries too many memories; most of them are better left forgotten. That’s why I ain’t brought it up: I’d much rather not now anythin’ and pretend I don’t have it.” Petricia’s voice was suddenly so somber, that as Alicia finished her task, she hugged the smaller girl from behind. Not expecting it, the thief just kind of sat there blinking at the embrace, as small smile on her face.

The End

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