Morning Showers

Alicia awoke to dim sunlight the next morning, the fire pit now just a smoking circle. She sat up from her green sleeping bag—“If I gotta choice, I ain’t sleepin’ in any sticks and mud.”  Petricia had declared the last night, pulling out her own green sleeping bag from Sūraja’s pouch—stretching her arms out.

After it had been her turn for lookout, Sūraja had taken over because her enhanced senses allowed her to survey the dark better. It had then been Petricia’s turn in the early morning and yet she wasn’t anywhere to be found.

“She went over to the water pool, a little ways from this spot.” The blonde teen looked above her to find the cat-like fayri lying in a hammock between two trees high above. A clawed hand dangled lazily, a soft and content purring coming from the girl. Apparently last night she had found a water source, giving Petricia its location. “I am sure she marked her way so she would not get lost so follow that path, and, if not, then head in the direction of the music.”

Alicia’s stretched again as she stood up, following in the direction her companion had pointed in. She quickly noticed the small notches in trees along the way, and eventually did hear the sound of someone singing.

The auburn girl sang completely unaware that she was being watched as Alicia sat down on the edge of the pool, a green bracelet hanging loosely on Petricia’s wrist.  The thief was currently washing her hair in the waterfall, her back turned away from Alicia.

Eventually she reached the final verse, but continued to hum the melody under her breath as her hands ran through her short hair. The princess clapped her hands politely to praise the talent, this new sound catching the distracted teen’s ear drums. She turned around quickly, her left hand tapping her left wrist, causing one of her daggers to appear, her left arm covering her chest. She sighed as it was only Bundie.

The End

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