As It Seems

Apparently she had done a number on the Ace, who was clearly disheveled. Maddigan fixed her hair as she directed her subordinates to take their prisoner to the smallest cell in the castle’s dungeon.

With this distraction out of the way, she then calmly dispersed the crowd after straightening out her clothes. As they fanned out, Sūraja heard one of the leftover guards question if they should pursue the escaped criminal. The Ace snapped at this poor fool, who ran off after the squad that had left. Giving the area a final once over, Maddigan turned on her heel and strode off towards the castle.

“Shall we go save her?” Sūraja  inquired, having a feeling that the blonde girl’s fate was most likely going to come to bleak end because her intrusion of affairs. Petricia also knew that they risked a lot if they were to attempt a rescue mission and fail.

And even if her sly handed companion did decide for them to help out, they had no means of getting into the fortress—”Ya ever want to be a baker, Surrie?” What in the Spirits was she talking about?  Sūraja followed her line of sight to a nearby bakery, a cart about to head off in the direction of the castle. Well it was a start to—

“Wait, wait!” Alicia cut in, waving her hands to dispel the illusion of the other girl’s story-telling. “You’re honestly telling me it was Petricia who was 100% willing in getting me out of that madhouse?”  

Sūraja smiled, knowing exactly was on her friend’s mind.

“But why would she then seem so disinterested and need my persuasion to go through with an act that she herself initiated? Petricia has this habit of, how you say, keeping up with appearances. She’s has no problem displaying a hardened interior to strangers and those she doesn’t trust right away, but believe me that she is a very sweet and kind person. If she were not I might not be here today.”

“Oi!” Both girls jumped before looking behind them to see Petricia carrying more than enough firewood with one hand. The other was rubbing her ear a little, “Surrie were ya spreading lies about me again? That ain’t a very nice thing to do ya know! ‘Specially after I saved yer life!”

The thief placed one of the large chunks into the fire, flames spewing upwards and turning more orange. She dumped the rest into a pile next to put, dusting off her hands.

“Now how about we set up a lookout rotation?  Bundie, how ‘bout you go first? Seein’ as yer the new girl to our troupe of two and all?”

Alicia shared a look with Sūraja and mouthed 'Bundie?' to which the fayri stifled a giggle and replying with a shrug.

The End

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