Free Man, Captured Rabbit

The blade was stopped by a white-silver long staff. The stranger managed to land a good, square kick to the Ace’s chest to put some distance between the victim and his executioner. The onlookers watched in confusion and fascination at what was happening right before their eyes. Now was a good as time as any to get a move on.

“Ya still remember that boomerang spell?” Petricia asked, as she brought her hands to their opposing shoulders.


“Thank ya.” With that she chucked her daggers into the air, the two girls racing forward as they whizzed like shuriken. Following the flight plan the thief had intended, the man’s chains that bound him to the stage were cut before ricocheting back into their master’s hands.

Petricia tucked them away, for all the guards had moved to assist their commander and were distracted by the skillful stranger. This left the duo the ability to jump upon the stage and haul off the poor man, the crowd thankfully not uttering a word. The guy was an utter mess of praise and thanks as they pulled him into a dark back street.

“If ya can, meet up with yer family somewhere and get the hell out of here! Head west maybe.” Petricia advise him, cutting off his manacles and wooden headdress. He nodded to her, giving them both firm handshakes before stumbling off down the alleyway. They sighed, hoping he would do his best not to get caught.

Now came the hard part.

“Let go of me, you brutes!” cried a sharp, feminine voice. The duo peered around the corner, Petricia’s head below Sūraja’s. The group of soldiers had finally being able to catch the “hero”, pinning down her limbs and taking away her weapon.

Still, this blonde girl in a red and black outfit fought against their combined strength, actually biting one of them. The crowd watched in silence as this lone girl struggled with every inch of her will against them despite it not having that much of an effect after they cuffed her legs and wrists.

The End

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