A guard stood on either side of him a few feet away from, a line of soldiers separating the crowd from the platform. A tall, copper haired woman dressed in a red commander’s jacket walked onto the stage, stopping beside the accused. Her presence commanded attention and fear from all who glanced at her. She gave a smirk as not even a whisper went through the audience which meant that all eyes were on her.

That is until two people ran towards the front—the criminal’s wife and child, she realized—pushing against the soldiers and crying out to their loved one. This of course prompted the man to start screaming for them. Of all the unsightly things for her to have to bear witness. Where was his honor as a human being, to die a prideful death and carry a brave face as he paid for his crimes?

“Quiet!” She snarled, and once again she was met with silence. Heather Maddigan pointed the tip of the ceremonial beheading long sword at the accused neck. Not that Petricia and Sūraja were focused on that, but rather the strange cloaked figure a mere few feet away from them. Upon viewing the large blade, this figure took off in a full sprint.

“Please tell me that person is not about to do what it is I am thinking they are.”

The heavy blade was raised high into the air with two hands. The person moved swiftly, jumping as the guards braced themselves for an attack. Instead, the woman’s head was met with the flat side of a boot, propelling the stranger forward.

“Oh, I think they are. Looks like today just got a lot more interestin’.” Petricia flipped out her own weapons into her hand, itching to make a move. 

The cloaked person was now on stage, taking out the two stage guards in a quick motion as Maddigan all but finished the sermon—“For committing crimes against the people of this great state, by the power invested into me by her graceful Majesty, I now pronounce you dead!”

The End

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