Executions Almost Daily

Now the auburn haired girl was scanning all the stands and shops within her line of sight. Her brown-freckled stained cheeks stretched from ear to ear because of the grin that had slipped onto her face. She had been meaning to restock for a while now, but with the prospect of cheap prices, she might be willing to splurge a little (maybe pick a few of the richer folks pockets).

Oh the opportunities that were never meant to happen, as she was plotting the best way to pilfer through some purses and wallets.

A poor kid ran into Sūraja, knocking into her side without so much as a word of apology. As he attempted to get past the second girl, she let out her hand and caught him by his collar. His eyes went wide as he was slowly lifted off the ground, the girl lifting him much higher than thought possible given her stature.

“Woah there, champ. I’m gonna need to ya apologize to my friend here.” There was a sudden shift as his eye trailed from Petricia’s semi-glaring face to the fayri’s smiling one and quickly gave a “Sorry, missus.”

“Where are ya headed, short stuff?” Petricia asked as she lowered the kid unto the ground.

“Town Square! There’s an execution going on!” And with that said, he scampered off, leaving the duo to share a look.

“Was it me or was that kid waaaay too happy and excited about what he just said?   

“Who has an execution at noontime and allows children to witness such a horrendous event?”

“Welcome to crazy town. I told ya, the Queen’s a complete whack job! C’mon.”

Following the young boy, they weaved in and out of the crowd to the end up at a large square. Set up in the middle was a large wooden stage, surrounding my droves of people who had inked into the area from the street. A lone man was positioned on his knees, head and arms trapped in medieval handcuffs.

The End

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