New Sights Bring New Fights

Chapter 2: Cats Calling Curiosity  

Earlier that morning

“This is nowhere near how I imagined this kingdom....Are you sure we are in the correct location?” False green flickered back and forth, taking in the surrounds as the two girls entered the bustling market place.

The lengthy bazaar-like street was packed with people, corner to corner with market stands and indoor shops, full of life and activity. Shopkeepers hollered advertisements to every and any passerby, people paying in metal coins or even bartering items they had on them, impressive knock-offs of fancy armor and weaponry (everyone knew to always purchase gear from the source, which meant browsing through the actual armory’s selection), and children of all ages, sizes, and color laughing and adding to the noise with their gleeful shouts.     

Her hands reaching behind her head, Petrica gave a light chuckle as she rolled her eyes. “Just ‘cause the place is run by a mad woman with a power obsession, doesn’t mean the people can’t live happily and have normal experiences, Surrie.” Her attention was suddenly diverted from her friend by a nearby stand.

 “Oh! I can’t believe they actually have these. They’re so rare. How much?” She squinted at the price pictured below the fruit, wringing her hands with excitement, “Three pounds for a silver nickel? That’s a steal.” It was now Sūraja’s turn to sigh at her friend’s joke. She was forever looking for opportunities to throw in a thief pun.

Giving the woman five of the nickels, the thief handed them to the vendor and thanked the woman for her time. “These things are fantastic to have around in case of an injury or sickness,” Sūraja opened her pouch and put each individual fruit in them as Petricia handed them to her, “‘Specially poison,” she explained with an odd sort of glee in her voice. “I’m surprised I could find’em so cheap.”   

Sūraja was sure it was just an elaborate trick of the light, but for a moment it seemed as if her companion’s eyes had shifted into rather large dime pieces.

The End

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