Legend of the Fayri

“I was wondering,” Alicia started, as she pulled resized various fruits and meats, “Why exactly did you two save me to begin with?” It was here that Petricia stood up again and stretched with a large yawn.

“Before that, Surrie release your concealin’ spell. Who’s she gonna tell? The trees? I’ll let her tell ya why we helped ya out. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go get some firewood.”   

Sūraja stopped what she was digging for, looking at her hands for a second.

“Oh, right! I forgot. Mē’āpuhc Ārahēc Ārēt,” Her short pink colored hair and peach-colored skin inked away to reveal flowing brown-black hair and a caramel complexion. Her eyes shifted from a pale green to a hazelnut brown, and her ears…were rounded off and seemed to be a little furry? Alicia’s scrambled backwards, giving a yelp, as Surrie unsheathed long, sharp claws from her fingertips as she turned over her hand.

“You’re a—”   

“A fayri, yes. Puma, if you’re curious about my blood. That won’t be a problem will it?”

Fayri were animal-human hybrids. Legend said that all fayri were descendants of Guardian Animal Spirits that watched over humans. If their charge were to die an unjust death, these Spirits would then enter their body and give them a sort of second chance at living by inhabiting their body. This process would then alter the body’s physical features, outwardly reflecting the spirit that had taken over.   

The fayri were both a feared and admired race, naturally stronger and have a longer lifespan than humans. And, as with anything that is different than them, the humans made sure they did not rise to power.

“Seeing as you are royalty, you were raised by one of my kind, correct?” Alicia whispered a yes, focusing on how she could see Sūraja’s cat-like eyes reflected the light from the fire. It was not uncommon for those higher in society to have adult fayri to be guardians, nursemaids, and teachers to their children. Many of the fayri’s own offspring grew close to their parent’s human charges and forming lifelong friendships.   

“You wanted to know how we came across you, yes? Well it was a coincidence, actually...”

The End

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