“Those terms, I think, are easily acceptable. Many objects produced within my clan, like this pouch, are blessed by the magi and given them various attributes. This is why Petricia persist to address it as a ‘magical bag’—”

“Hey, I call’em as I see’em.”

“—and this specific pouch has an enchantment that makes it much larger on the inside. It has seemingly endless space—though I haven’t exactly had the time to explore its set limitations. And yours?” Alicia pushed her hair back, taking off her earring and tapping it so that way it would change its shape.

“Everything I carry has been shrunk into a capsule for convenience, through a fusion of science and magic. Voice recognition nanobots surround the object of my choosing and then are enveloped in a shape-shifting and shrinking spell with only a password able to break the spell. If it’s an object that I’ve had for an extended period of time, such as my staff for instance, then the bots have evolved to respond to my touch. Say if its food, the bots keep it at the appropriate temperature and freshness levels for months.”

“Well, now that the two of ya have gotten all nice and cozy about how each other gizmos work,” Petricia said finally, standing up and turning to them. “I think some introductions are in order! I am the pick-pocket mistress supreme, Petricia Panellè!” With that she gave an extravagant, gentlemanly bow by extending an arm out and holding the other close to her heart. She grinned as she stood up, folding her arms over her head, “And you lovely ladies are?”

“Alicia Marie Blackhart, Princess of Wunderscion at your service,” Alicia said with a curtsy.

“Sūraja Prakāśa of the Eastern Mountains, but please refer to me as Surrie if that is what makes you comfortable,” She clapped her hands together and did a tiny bow. The three of them sat down before the fire, Alicia and Sūraja gathering food stock to cook over the open flame.

The End

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