First Impressions, Fully Dressed

“Don’t forget to give the little princess her outfit so she doesn’t have to wear those rags.”

Alicia had wandered over to Surrie, who was dressed in white baggy pleated pants, red sleeveless tunic, and a yellow scarf going diagonal along her top from her shoulder to her waist.

“Little?" The princess questioned, "I’m taller than you!”  

The tips of Petricia’s ears flushed red, Surrie's earrings jingling as she giggled at Petricia's cry of indignation. Maybe she hadn’t been so wrong in her decision after all.

“Do not feel so insulted, Petricia, for even you can reach great heights.” Surrie cooed, eyes inspecting the ground. Alicia laughed, for this caused their object of amusement to create a spark from how hard she was grinding her blades together due to indignation.

Surrie pulled out cleaner version of what Alicia was wearing: red and white Argyle button down shirt, black skirt, and white stockings. Spinning in place to get a feel for the clothes, Alicia couldn’t help but feel as if she had forgotten something. That is, until a black messenger bag was thrown at her from Petricia’s direction.

“Nabbed it while we were lookin’ for ya,” She called, poking the flames, “Thought those little capsule things might come in handy but judgin’ by the initials on the front of the bag, it’s yers, right?”  

  “Yes, thank you,” A wave of her hand was all she got, to say ‘No problem’. Surrie  sat down, Alicia copying her, the girl’s eyes lingering on the bag. Alicia nodded to it, “Curious?”

“I’d assume that it’s something similar to my-”

“Magical bag?” Surrie chucked a nearby stick at her friend’s head, Petricia catching it without looking and tossing it into the flames.

“-pouch in that the capsules are a type of storage system?”

“I’ll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours.” Alicia winked, nudging the other girl with her elbow.

The End

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