Outfitting in the Forest

Once they were on the semi-solid ground of a beach, Surrie glared at them, both feigning innocence as they attempted to dry out their hair. The soaking wet voice of reason among them took in a deep breath, but before she could rant, a hand was put up to stop her. “Save the speech. I know ya have an unholy evasion of water, but now ain’t the time to harp about it. We need to cover some ground or we might hafta face an entire army.”

Surrie puffed out her cheeks in a pout, knowing what Petricia had said was logically sound. They needed to put a good distance between them and the kingdom otherwise they’d be hanging from the gallows. Where was that side of her during life and death situations like earlier though?

Without waiting another second to dry off, the trio entered the thicket of massive trees. They stopped only once the sky’s color had shifted. After running nonstop for what seemed to be the longest time, they found a clearing deep within. Alicia gathered several large stones and formed a fire pit as the other girls stood a little ways off to change.

“Did ya remember to stash clothes?” Petricia asked as she pulled a silver undershirt over her head, revealing upper chest to be covered in white bandages. Surrie had quickly stripped to reveal her black undergarments, scoffing.

“Of course, I did. We all cannot be as forgetful as you.” Placing down a large piece of wood in-between her structure, Alicia paused to see Surrie pull out two full outfits from the tiny pouch by her feet.

Petricia first put on the black tank top and light green jacket, next her black combat boots, then her dark green knee-length cargo shorts with she put on crisscrossed black belts where she clipped her dagger holders to, and finally white fingerless gloves. She stalked over to the fire pit, starting to run her blades together to see if she could cause a spark.

The End

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