Ocean Escape

Alicia was impressed at how intricate the process was. If she had to guess, Hearts were the medics, Clubs were probably close-ranged fighters, Spades were distance fighters, and Diamonds were probably mages. Meanwhile Petricia was tickled to be inadvertently called fearless. They locked weapons once more before Surrie called out “I found it! Petricia, fireworks!”

Alicia wasn’t sure what happen next: one moment she was facing the Ace and then she was on the ground. She had shut her eyes closed in anticipation as Petricia yanked her down to the floor and had her cover her ears. There was a slight ringing in her ears as she opened her eyes, to find everyone else on the ground clutching their ears in pain.

“What was that?” She asked the girl next to her, a lighter-shaped device in Surrie’s hand. Petricia stood up, brushing off imaginary dust.

“Concussion grenade,” She said without a blink of an eye, cracking her neck and tucking her weapons away in their holders. “Couldn’t ya find a smoke bomb or somethin' else? Ya know that gives me hella headache later tonight!” Surrie shook her head as she turned to her comrades as they walked over to her. The question now was how to get out of the castle. If they tried the front door, they would have to go through an army of soldiers—

“So the castle’s surrounded by water, right?” Petrica squinted at the windows.

“Petricia. NO.” Surrie recognized that look on her face. This was not happening.

“And isn’t there a forest a little bit of swim away?” Alicia slid on her earring, also looking at the window. This caused Surrie to groan.

“Alicia, please do not enable her impulsive acts of foolishness.” Would no one listen to reason?

“The effects of the grenade will probably only last a few more minutes.”

“We are not doing this!”

“Then what are we waiting for?

“What part of “no” do you two not understand?!”  

Without warning they each grabbed one of Surrie’s forearms and ran towards the closest window! The glass exploded upon contact, twinkling in the air and reflecting the afternoon sunlight. They hit the water with a giant splash, surfacing moments later. Surrie pounded the water in speechless anger as the other two shook droplets out of their faces before starting to swim to the closest shore.

The End

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