War In The Kingdom of Cards

In an instant, the Ace was upon them and they were encircled by the guards. The second the taller woman moved, Petricia had sidestepped in front of Alicia, daggers at the ready. To anyone watching on the outside, they’d be surprised to see Alicia stand up the second trouble started, her restraints falling to her feet. Taking a moment to roll out her wrist, she watched the chaos unfold before from the epicenter.

Surrie moved rapidly, her strange martial art skills she used to incapacitate her opponents making it look as if she was dancing. The pink-haired girl seemed to pounce from one opponent to another. With a final “My apologizes.” and a bow to the unconscious that lie before her, Surrie gave a tired sigh. Surveying what she had done to the 10 or so women, her eyes fell upon Alicia who was admiring her handiwork.

“Know that it brings me no such pride to bring ill upon others.” Alicia blinked as they stared at one another for a second, reading the sadness etched on her face. The girl wasn’t a fighter, not by nature anyway.

“She’s fast with her hands, that one.” Alicia transitioned the conversation. The moment they had gotten their hands on her, Petricia had been picking the locks on her wrist shackles. By the time they were before the Queen, Alicia hands were free. The skilled girl had kneed her in the back so that way her “unoccupied” hand went unnoticed as she unlocked the ankles.

Surrie gave a proud smile and a small nod.

 “She has to be, given her craft.”

“As much as I love getting praise for my obviously marvelous talents and find yer little bonding moment sickeningly adorable, I would like to remind ya lot that this lady ain’t the Ace for nothin’!” Petricia interrupted with a yell. The sound of metal grinding then caught their attention, twin blades blocking the Ace’s rapier in an X formation.

The End

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