“Are you sure this is the deranged, self-centered anti-men sociopath you told me so much about, Petricia?” Surrie questioned, a giggle laced into her whisper. Her companion didn’t even bother copying her entertained face, but merely clicked her tongue, clearly not amused herself.

“Hush up, ya! This woman is our current commander and we shall show her the respect she deserves.” Alicia snorted at the clearly sarcastic comment, practically hearing Petricia roll her eyes, when she felt at hand shove her head forward close to the ground and a weight of a knee on her back.

“And ya! Ya coulda mentioned that ya had a bounty on your head, let alone one that sends Magistrates into a wondrous twirling dance. It woulda saved me from wearing this ridiculous outfit!” The brunette whispered in her ear.

Alicia swung her head back at that moment, catching Petricia’s unaware at her strength, and would have attempted to bite the hand closest to her had someone not coughed rather intrusively.

Both girls had thrown each other split second glances before focusing their attention on the throne, where the Queen was now once again seated. Her Ace watched them with the slightest smirk curving on her Highness’s right hand woman.  Rubbing the back of her neck with her free-hand, Petricia quickly straightened up her stance. “I apologize for my actions, my liege; it would seem that this one’s a biter.”

The Queen gave a nod at this, crossing a pudgy leg over another. “I would hope so. They do tend to raise the women feisty where you’re from, Princess Alicia Marie Blackhart of Wunderscion?”

Alicia’s slanted green eyes narrowed, as Petricia gave a low whistle. “Ooooh. So you’re a princess! No wonder the price is so high.” The Queen’s face darkened a moment later, her blue eyes icing over: “I would have figured you knew that seeing as you’re trying to set her free.” Petricia’s face flat-lined and Surrie’s eyes widened. Well crap.

The End

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